"eVizitka" is a Ukrainian startup that is a modern service for creating, exchanging and saving online business cards. Every can create his online business card for free, which will replace his outdated paper business cards. Our goal is business cards in a smartphone for modern people!

All contacts in one place

Transfer contacts with one touch

Personal QR code

Edit an online business card yourself

The eVizitka is:

Modern and bright design

Choose a cool design among the existing ones or order an exclusive one for yourself

Personal qr

Each eVizitka has its own unique qr code that can be used in advertising, printing and anywhere!

100% free

No restrictions or expiration date

No application

To start using it, you only need to register and create a business card. No need to download any apps


Our online business card works equally well and quickly on all phones!


  • All necessary contacts
  • Links to your social network profiles
  • The ability to save a business card in the phone, a book with one touch!
  • Ability to share a business card through any modern messenger
  • qr code for an online business card.

with eVizitka you can share contacts in one touch!

Examples of using qr

Any phone with a camera can recognize a qr code, after which the client will be able to save contacts directly to the phone with one touch.
Create an online business card, and ask to add your qr to any advertisement.

Need help from a designer? - We are ready to become modern for you!

NFC with support is eVizitka

Best of all, the potential of online business cards is The business card opens with NFC business cards!

Купить NFC єВізитка
Купить NFC єВізитка
Купить NFC єВізитка
Купить NFC єВізитка
Купить NFC єВізитка>
Купить NFC єВізитка

They write about us

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Questions and answers

How to start?

It's very easy to get started - you need to register on the website and click the "create business card" button

If there are any questions or errors (the project is still at the testing stage), please contact us by email.

What are the paid services?

The service itself is 100% free, but we offer paid design services, and it is possible to order a friend of business cards with "Evizytka" integration, both ordinary paper and ultra-modern plastic cards with an NFS chip.

How does it work on phones?

In order for the phone to be able to open an online business card, the cameras must be turned on (for most modern phones). If it is an NFC business card, then simply hold the unlocked phone to the card.
But there is 1 condition: the Internet must work in the phone.

Where the data is stored

We store data on our servers, business cards, especially business ones, are public data, so search engines will find them. There are private profiles, where the data will be hidden. But if you want complete data privacy, we have an option to protect your business card. But we will announce this service later.

Are you a government agency?

No, we are a private development of the advertising agency "EMPIRE" in Kyiv, as customer support and innovation. But we do not deny that we were inspired by the ideas of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine!

єВізитка - онлайн візитки

Національний сервіс онлайн візиток. Зроблений українцями для українців та мешканців всього цивілізованого світу.

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